Case study – London media personality installation

It’s a fair bet that someone who works in the broadcast media is going to be particular about the quality of their home entertainment. And so it is for a well-known radio and TV presenter who is now the owner of an incredible hi-fi system from Connected Distribution.

Located in a desirable suburb of London, the remodelled Victorian terrace house was equipped with a whole house AV system by one of the country’s leading custom installation companies, Avinu. At the same time the customer requested a separate hi-fi system, “My wife’s bought a Steinway as a housewarming gift to herself, so I’m having a decent hi-fi”.

The room was a challenging shape, with the speakers located either side of the piano and firing down the short side of the room. Fortunately, they have a super-wide and smooth dispersion, so the stereo image remains good across a large area. Obviously placing speakers next to a piano is not ideal, but fortunately the Rigas are a ‘large satellite’ design and so they are not pushing out much in the way of bass which could excite the piano. LF duties are handled by the separate Cabasse Santorin 30-500 active subwoofer, which was connected to the Parasound A21 power amplifier using Kimber speaker cable.

The result is a system that sounds every bit as good as it looks and one which passed the listening test of its fastidious new owner with flying colours.

Case study