WA-60 SYS wireless extender

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The WA-60 connects your subwoofer to your receiver/processor wirelessly, with a simple-to-use, inconspicuous transmitter-receiver system. Perfect for any home entertainment system, the WA-60 has a range of up to 70 feet; 150 feet if it’s line-of-sight.

Best of all, with the WA-60, the sound is CD-quality, with no interference or delay and easy plug-and-play functionality — no software needed.

But it’s not just for subwoofers. With the WA-60 you can transmit any full-range audio source anywhere you want it, wirelessly. Additional applications include sharing computer-based audio with an AV receiver or sharing a main system’s sources with secondary rooms.

Operate up to 4 separate WA-60 systems without worrying about signal overlap.

Plug ’n play – No software needed
Easy setup, get wireless music in seconds
Robust and dedicated network for your audio
Wireless extra-deep 10Hz to 20kHz transmission
No interference or delays
Works with Mac, PC or any analog audio source
Flexible functionality, up to four independent channels

Frequency: 10 Hz to 20kHz, great for subwoofers
Range: Line of sight: 130-150´
Obstructed: 70ft
Power: +5VDC (USB)
Audio In/Out: Stereo RCA
RF Band: 2.4GHz
SNR: 93dB
Dimensions (with antenna): 95mm x 98mm x 102mm
Weight: 0.1kg

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