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Vinyl records have enjoyed a resurgence over the last several years. All over the world, music lovers are discovering (or re-discovering) the satisfaction of manually operating a turntable and playing record albums. In recognition of this, Como Audio offers the aptly named Como Audio Bluetooth Turntable.

Pair our belt-driven, matching turntable with one of our Como Audio music systems for a stunning visual and audible experience, and get the best of new and “retro” technology. Our multiroom feature allows you to group multiple Como Audio systems and play your records throughout your home.

If you’re looking to add a turntable to a Como or non-Como Audio system, the Como Audio Turntable gives you three connection options: Bluetooth, Moving Magnet Phono pre-amp, or Line output.

Whether you're a newbie, a serious collector, or anywhere in between, take the Como Audio Bluetooth Turntable for a spin and you’ll find it has the features and sound to satisfy.

Meet the Turntable

Music lovers will tell you there’s nothing quite like the sound of vinyl, and our Como Audio Turntable gives the flexibility to hear your albums in different ways … wirelessly using on-board Bluetooth technology, or wired (analogue) via the integrated Phono pre-amp or Line level output.

With the Bluetooth function, you can place the turntable up to 33 feet (10 M) away from your Como Audio system, Bluetooth headphones, or Bluetooth speakers. And the Bluetooth transmitter has its own power switch, so it transmits only when you want it to.

The built-in Phono stage allows connection to a device’s dedicated Moving Magnet Phono input, while the Line out permits connection to a device’s Line/Aux input, including powered speakers.

An anodized aluminum speed button accurately sets the speed at 33 or 45 RPM. It even supports 78 RPM (requires optional belt and stylus not included).

There’s a large steel platter and a small sub-platter for bearing isolation, decreased resonance, and belt protection.

A removable dust cover, universal power supply, and Como Audio slip mat are all included along with a two year warranty.

An Ortofon OM10 cartridge comes pre-mounted on the aluminum tonearm, and the custom plug n' play design means no anti-tracking or counter weight adjustments are necessary.

Simply assemble the Como Audio Turntable, pair and connect (or use the included high-quality audio cable), and start spinning the wax.

  • Wireless connectivity: Integrated Bluetooth 2.1 transmitter with on/off switch
  • Analogue wired option: Built-in Moving Magnet Phono stage and stereo Line output
  • Cartridge: Pre-mounted Ortofon OM10 Moving Magnet .
  • Drive design: Belt-drive
  • Plug n’ Play No anti-skating or counterweight adjustments necessary
  • Platter: Heavy-weight steel platter provides decreased resonance
  • Sub-platter: Provides bearing isolation and belt protection
  • Speeds: Selectable 33/45 RPM electronic control (78 RPM with optional belt and stylus)
  • Tone arm: 8.6" (218.44 mm) aluminum
  • Motor: Low-noise AC synchronous motor and ultra-precision frequency DC-driven AC generator provides speed stability without adding vibration
  • Plinth: Computer Numerical Controlled (CNC)-machined Medium Density Fiberboard (MDF)
  • Feet: Designed to help further isolate the platter from vibrations.
  • Manual tone arm return and manual cue lever
  • External power supply: Universal 100-240V, 50-60Hz
  • Finishes: Low resonance MDF plinth with Walnut and Hickory real wood veneers and multi-layer Piano Gloss Black and White
  • Accessories: Removable transparent dust cover, high-quality audio cable, and slip mat included
  • Dimensions & weight:
    Product Dimensions: 16.3” (415mm) W x 4.65” (118mm) H x 12.6” (320mm) D (including dust cover)
    Weight: 11.68 lbs. / 5.3kg
  • Energy efficiency: Consumes 0.5 W max in Standby; 4.5 W max On
  • Two Year Warranty (excludes stylus): Most consumer electronic devices, regardless of price, include a one year warranty. Como Audio backs its products for a full two years.

-66 dB

W & F:
33: +/- 0.18%
45: +/- 0.16%

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