Antigua IW

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High Performance Bezel-less Two Way In-Wall Loud Speaker (Pair)

Designed for flush mounting in the walls thanks to its ultra thin grille, with magnetic link fastening, the Cabasse Antigua In-Wall offers Cabasse's signature acoustical performance for a host of distributed audio applications. The stylish grill which hides Cabasse's new 17T20 IW woofer and DOM36 midrange tweeter, harnessed from the lauded MT range of loudspeakers, the new Antigua IW combines discrete aesthetics and elegance with the Cabasse fidelity to live sound.

The Antigua IW is a creature of adaptability boasting easy installation and easy matching to any amplifier, thanks to it's clever high efficiency design and drivable impedance.

For walls in which the Antigua IW are installed they almost disappear as well, thanks to its ultra thin grill with magnetic link fastening, enabling the sleekest of installations and the best possible sound.

Sold as a pair

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