Q-PSU power supply

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The enhanced power supply of the Modular Series, the Q-PSU can be used as power supply upgrade with any components in the family. It is based around a 50 VA toroidal transformer with low-density magnetic field and very little dispersion. This power, together with 20,000 µF filtering, can feed the circuit with the kind of super-clean current usually delivered only by battery-based supplies, even with extreme dynamic swings.

Further on, the 3rd version of our Q-PSU has an internal voltage regulator system. By this improvement, all the attached devices leap a huge step forward in terms of noiseless and smooth music representation. Plural it is, because the Q-PSU III has a dual output connector. It can feed a for example Quasar AND a Dactilus at the same time without any problem.

Ideal for upgrading the performance of most Heed Audio modular series components (CanAlot, Dactilius, Questar MM/MC & Quasar).

Double, separated supply rails
Smooth, regulated voltage
Generously sized components

Ideal upgrade for many Modular range devices

Type: Regulated power supply
Supported devices: Canalot / Dactilus / Quasar / Questar
Dimensions (W x H x D): 95 x 75 x 220 mm

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