Parasound Zphono XRM phono pre-amplifier

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Part Number:Zphono XRM
  • Inputs:Gold-plated RCA input jacks
  • Control:Switchable gain for moving magnet or moving coil cartridges, AC polarity switch to eliminate hum
  • Outputs:Balanced and unbalanced outputs, gold-plated RCA output jacks
  • Gain control:MM Gain options of 40 dB or 50 dB unbalanced (46 dB/56 dB balanced), MC Gain options of 50 dB or 60 dB unbalanced (56 dB/66 dB balanced)
  • Impedance:Variable MC impedance adjustment of 50-1050 ohms
  • Design:RIAA accurate to within 0.2 dB, ultra-low distortion (<0.02% THD)

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Zphono XRM

The new Parasound Zphono XRM is an enhanced, adaptable and compact half rack width, high quality phono pre-amplifier.

The Zphono XRM is no doubt inspired by the huge upsurgence in vinyl sales across the globe. The XRM variant undoubtedly has its foundations in the longstanding Zphono, but has been developed significantly to become more adaptable and discerning for the many of the higher end products that projects and systems often see deployed.

The Zphono XRM can be utilised in a stack with other compact Z series products to complete a pretty impressive compact HiFi system, and of course if the rest of your is not Parasound (or complimentary Z-Series pre-amps or power amps), it will work with all line drive pre-amplifiers/integrated amplifiers. 

The new XRM comes with both RCA and XLR outputs making it ideal for higher grade integration, and also comes with enhanced adjustment for both MM or MC cartridges (with both impedance and gain adjustment). Alongside these flexible additions - it also has two discrete inputs (accordingly one for each type of cartridge), and input selection can be simply selected at the front of the unit.The front panel also caters for other refinements such as 'rumble filter' and also a useful mono or stereo switch (great for older LP's etc.).

Internally it uses ultra high speed, ultra low noise opamps along with audiophile grade resistors and capacitors to ensure the best possible performance no matter what your set up is. Of course - as with most Parasound products, the connections externally (both input and output jacks) are high quality too!

This high quality, but simple and adaptable component allows for a multitude of turntables to be used with any preamplifier or receiver with sound quality that does full justice to your record collection. In the rack, underneath your turntable with a Zamp, or siddling alongside your Zdac it'll do all your discs justice...Long live vinyl!

The Parasound Halo Zphono XRM is available in black only.

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