Parasound ZM650

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Universal 6 Channel 12 Speaker Amplifier

The Parasound ZM650 is a high fidelity 'Universal' 6 Channel 12 Speaker power amplifier, for custom installation projects where audio quality is paramount.

The ZM650 is the perfect low profile but high performance custom installation product, built with reliability, performace and adaptability all in mind. The ZM650 could be viewed in it's purest form as a high fidelity 3 zone power amplifier with A & Bspeaker outputs for each zone. it's ultra compact 1U form features 3 high performance Class D specification amplifiers, with legendary Parasound Class AB input stages.

Despite its compact footprint the ZM650 can output 50 watts RMS x 4 @ 8O, with all channels driven, and for higher impedance loads it will even output up to 90 watts RMS into x 4 @ 4O & 2O loads, all channels driven. If you require provision for higher power applications, then again the Parasound ZM650 will cater for both situations as it can be run in bridged mono providing 160 watts x 3 @ 8O (Bridged Mode) & 200 watts x 3 @ 4O (Bridged Mode). This flexibility means that it can be also used as a designated and high performance home cinema amplifier (perfect for use with a processor for your front left, centre and right channels), or for high quality semi-commercial applications for powering larger spaces effectively.