Parasound Halo A21+ power amplifier

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Part Number:A21+
  • Power:300 watts x 2 into 8 ohms, 500 watts x 2 into 4 ohms, 1000 watts bridged into 8 ohms
  • Inputs:Gold-plated RCA input jacks
  • Outputs:Heavy duty 24k gold-plated 5-way speaker terminals
  • Control:Rear-mounted left and right gain controls
  • Trigger:Automatic turn-on by 12 V trigger or audio sensing
  • Design:Circuitry designed by legendary John Curl, Independent power supplies for input, driver and output stages
  • Dimensions (h x w x d):197 x 448 x 508mm
  • Finish:Black or Silver

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Circuitry designed by legendary John Curl
300 watts (8 ohms) per channel
High bias Class A/AB operation

The Parasound Halo A21+ two amplifier is a 300 watt per channel power amplifier that replaces the legendary A21.

Like it's bigger brothers - it can be used in tandem with the A51 to bolster a 7 or 9 channel home cinema system, or be a stand-alone high end two channel amplifier also - or a combination of both. On this last point - the A21 can be used to stunning effect with the Parasound range of pre-amplifiers such as the JC3+, P5 or the larger and flexible P7. So the A21 is a real all rounder for want of a better phrase, but don't let this deftness fool you in any way shape or form.

As the A21+ is based on exactly the same topology as the John Curl A51 and A31 design, as an the amplifier it can of be sublimely subtle when required, and unflinchingly 'brutal' (in a terribly good way!) when raw power is needed. Remember - again the A21+ has the same high bias class A/AB operation of the A31 and A51, and also has the benefit of the directly coupled design which means that there are no capacitors or inductors in signal path, which gives the utmost accuracy for the amplifier to work with. This balance of clarity and 'clout' means that the power output to draw upon (with both channels drive) is 250 watts @ 8 ohms and 400 watts @ 4 ohms, meaning that it has real dynamic headroom for the best depth of field and aural texture.

It can of course be used effectively as a 'mono-block' in bridged mono mode as well meaning that you can drive up to 750 watts into an 8ohm load for those of you requiring huge power into larger more challenging loads, or for those of you whom are hard of hearing!

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