Heed Obelisk DT

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Part Number:Obelisk DT
  • Supported discs:CD-DA / CD-R / CD-RW (8 / 12 cm)
  • Supported formats:CD digital audio / HDCD / MP3
  • Outputs:1x S/PDIF RCA / 1x TOSLINK optical
  • Output format:44.1 kHz / 16 bit stereo
  • Max. consumption:15 W
  • Dimensions (h x w x d):22 x 8.5 x 36cm
  • Weight:4kg
  • Finish:Black


Asynchronous, heavily buffered readout and output stages


Quartz stabilised output signal


Large current, transformator coupled digital output


Separated linear supply rails for signal and logic

The Obelisk DT is a dedicated compact disc audio transport, reading both conventional and HDCDs, and outputting flawless digital data to any high quality Digital-to-Analogue processor.

Heed has designed the Obelisk DT to be one of the best optical disc players available. Its uncompromising technical approach makes it well suited for partnering with a wide variety of DACs, such as the class-leading and acclaimed Obelisk DA with its Dactil 2.3 card.

Heed admit that it must be strange to offer a standalone CD-transport in a market, where the digital-to-analogue converters advertised as the most important elements of a digital system. However, they think that the best data retrieval and transfer from a source disc is a very complex task and must be made with extra care to achieve a great sound.

In an audio market comprised of DACs-galore, it is understandable how one might be convinced that D-to-A conversion alone is responsible for superior performance. This misconception can lead to expensive DACs being used with modest CD players as transports, akin to buying very expensive and demanding cartridges for mediocre turntables. The reality however remains inescapable: best data retrieval and transfer from the source are essential for best possible D-to-A conversion.

Of course, we strongly suggest a serious audition to hear what this exceptional transport is capable of. If you are a discerning music lover on the lookout for a truly musical player, even by the highest analogue standards, the Obelisk DT may well be your ultimate CD-playing device.

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