Heed Elixir integrated amplifier

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Part Number:Elixir
  • Analogue inputs:4x line analogue / 1x MM phono
  • Outputs:1x stereo speaker / 1x preamplifier out / 1x 6.35mm headphones out
  • Frequency range:10 Hz – 110 kHz
  • Impedance:10 k Ohms
  • Impedance (MM):47 k Ohms / 100 pF
  • Power:50 w/channel into 8 ohms
  • Signal to noise ratio:96 dB
  • Max. consumption:150 W (20 W idle)
  • Dimensions (h x w x d):22 x 8.5 x 36cm
  • Weight:6kg
  • Finish:Black

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Transcap technology


50 Watts per channel


In-built Class-A headphone amplifier


Remote control with input switching

The Elixir is the essence of how Heed think about music reproduction. This integrated amplifier puts down four important cornerstones that provide a playground for the listener. A preamplifier with its dedicated output, a power amplifier with plenty of juice to drive anything reasonable, a phono preamplifier to re-discover those black discs, and a headphone amplifier with way too much talents for a secondary function only. But Heed have built them into one box because these are the basic functions everyone should experience in “My First Hi-Fi System”. As it happens, it is well enough for the second and the third as well…

The Elixir has a neat place amongst Heed's Transcap technology amplifiers. It is the purest music performer of all, without any technical compromise and presents the music effortlessly. Besides the power amplifier, the headphone stage also benefits from the basic idea of the Transcap technology. Class-A, darlington-driven, capacitor-coupled outputs feed your headphones like nothing else you have experienced before.

The MM phono stage is based on Heed's acclaimed Questar’s circuit. As the standalone amp, this integrated incarnation is thick and warm and provides a great overall amplification for nearly all kind of MM cartridges. It’s a very easy way to find your way back into the analogue domain, and be a lifetime captive of the black vinyl.

Beautifully concieved and built - the Elixir has easy to use front panel controls, with a toggle switch for discrete headphone usage and a simple but strudy feeling source selection dial. A remote control enables simple remote switching of inputs and volume control. The white LEDs behind the front panel add a serene touch for simple and refined aethetics, that aid an undeniably musical and 'life giving' audio experience - which is what an Elixir is all about!

Available with a black casing/black front or grey casing/silver front

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